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Great Life Grain Free Dog Food


Great Life Dog Food
Small Kibble Size Bits of Salmon, Chicken or Buffalo
Great Life GRAIN & PotatoFREE Dog Food.
No Grain, No Potato, just healthy ingredients
(We only carry the GRAIN & POTATO FREE varities.)

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(Shipments of Great Life dog foods can take an additional three days due to our new delivery schedules.)

Great Life Grain Free Dog Foods are free of grain (and potato) and also contains large amounts of great ingredients that promote a healthy diet and healthy skin. It's available in different flavors of, chicken, buffalo and salmon, that will give your dog a variety without changing the diet.

The vegetables and berries provide antioxidants, detoxifiers which are cancer fighting and immune boosters. The food also contains active probiotics and active enzymes that contribute and maintain healthy skin and coat. Ingredients include yams, pumpkin, flaxseed, alfalfa meal, blueberries, cranberries, papayas, carrots and a whole lot more.

The food is constructed of a center of wholistic  kibble of vegetables, fruits, and vitamins  and coated with a freeze dried raw food coating  that is tasty and healthy containing  enzymes, amino acids and probiotics.   
Because this food has many active ingredients, it does need to be introduced slowly to your dog’s diet by replacing their current food with this a little at a time.

Suggested Daily Feeding Directions:

To 25 lbs               ¼ to 1 Cup
26-50 lbs              ¾ to 1-1/2 Cups
51-75 lbs              1 to 2 Cups
76+ lbs                  2 to 5 Cups

- - - 7 Pound Bags - - -
* * * ( Order 2 bags and get Free Shippiing + 5% Discount) * * *
Great Life Chicken Dog Food (7lbs)Great Life Chicken Dog Food (7lbs)

Great Life Grain Free Dog Food
and without potatoes

25 Pound Bags
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