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Made in the U.S.A

All of the food products that are sold on this website are produced ONLY in the U.S.A and all ingredients are from the U.S.A or Canada.

The two primary reasons that we started this website was to offer products that do not contain wheat, corn or soy and that they were produced in the U.S.A.  (We do accept ingredients from Canada.)

We have found that many manufactures maintain more than one source of their primary ingredients.  This is a safety factory for the manufacturer but it’s why we can’t be more specific in listing the exact location of the ingredients.

Many of our customer are concerned with the quality and handling of the ingredients and especially the source of the meat that is used in these products. In the U.S.A, the FDA regulates the handling and quality of dog food. We feel that these requirements helps us assure this quality.

www.JustWheatFreeDogTreats.com is a recipient of notifications from the FDA of any recalls or announcements regarding dog food and treats.  We publish these announcements on this website to help our customers keep informed.

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